Monday, May 12, 2008

Time For A Cool Change

Pinning was awewsome. Graduation was awesome. My family was awesome.

It is an interesting place to be; ending one kind of life and beginning another. In the past my life changes came on like a freight change. They were sudden and dramatic. This one is smooth and calm. It feels like moving in slow motion and it's very nice.

I have the uneasy feeling that I'm supposed to be doing something. People tell me this is normal after graduation. I still have this amazing feeling that whenever I do something fun I can keep doing it until I don't want to anymore. I can enjoy myself without guilt.

I still have to take the board exam. I had planned to spend an hour a day reviewing stuff to get ready for it. I can't quite get myself to do that yet. I just want to enjoy doing nothing for a little bit longer.

Then there's the unpleasantness of having to actually work.......full time. I haven't worked full time in 2 years. I'll be hating it for a while but eventually I'll adjust.

Meanwhile I am spending way too much time on YouTube and I Can Has Cheezburger, but what they heck. I worked hard for it.

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