Thursday, April 10, 2008

Do You Believe in Life After.......Graduation?

As the semester winds down and graduation draws near, I'm finding it more difficult to find things to blog about that are relevant to nursing school. When I began this blog I had an acute interest in things that matter to a nursing student. Now I really couldn't care less. I suppose with a little time and distance I'll feel like blogging about it again. For now though, my mind is filled with thoughts of life after school.

As I look around my messy office I'm already making plans to purge just about everything that relates to nursing school. Some of my classmates have talked about keeping their text books "as a reference", but hell, some of the information is already outdated. What's the point?

As an update to the internship scramble, most of my classmates are settled into one job or another. I myself have taken a new job doing inpatient acute dialysis. I still work for the same company, but instead of working in a clinic and caring for four patients at a time, I'll work in the hospital and drag the machine to the patient. But don't feel sorry for me. The nurse/patient ratio is 1:1 and I get to sit down for the treatment. And read. And do crossword puzzles. And surf the net on my Blackberry. I'm sure there are some miserable details about the job that I hadn't thought of yet, but for now I want to bask in the glow of delusion and marvel at what I feel is the perfect job for me.

My classmates have done such a good job securing jobs that I have to tell this hilarious story on the subject. Our college had a health fair that we were forced asked to volunteer for. As part of the health fair, local hospitals, rehabs and nursing homes set up booths as sort of a job fair - a job fair that was not announced to anyone. So naturally no one showed up with resumes or anything.

One of my classmates was cruising the booths and scamming complimentary pens, Frisbees and candy bars when someone behind a booth began complaining loudly to her about the nursing students. The complainer said "this group of nursing students has the worst attitude of any class of nursing students I've ever seen. Not one student has brought us a resume or asked for a business card." Without missing a beat my classmate said "That's because we all have jobs already."

Oooooh. Snap! Take that, you ornery recruiter.

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