Thursday, March 27, 2008

Of Flash Cards and Powerpoints

As we close in on the final 5 weeks of nursing school, I am struck with the irony that now, after all this time, I finally figured out how to study.

I bought this book and it has been a godsend. Every topic on everything we ever learned in nursing school is covered. All the information is formatted into nice outlines. That way you only see what you need to know about the topic at hand.

If you are a nursing student, your instructors will encourage you to buy some kind of NCLEX review book to practice test questions. That way you will have the chance to see the information given to you in a bizarre and obscure fashion so you can rattle those peas in your brain. Hopefully a couple of them knock together and shake the information loose, so it will float to the front of your brain and you can choose the right answer.

I wish I had bought this book a year ago. I could have saved myself hours of pointless studying, trying to learn stuff that I will never see on a test.

Then there is that 10-inch high (I measured it) stack of Powerpoint presentations we've been given throughout the program. I was commisserating with one of my classmates about this stack of dead trees and wasted ink and he pointed out something I hadn't thought of. He said "When we first started school I was thinking how lucky we were to have those Powerpoints and we could just read those instead of the book. Now that I see how much there is I figured out it's easier to just read the book."

No kidding.

This book is even easier than that. The information is in bulleted lists. No having to tease the information out of a paragraph or table. It's the facts whittled down to just what is needed.

The authors of this book has not paid me anything to say such nice things about the book. This is one of those "I coulda had a V8" moment.

With 5 weeks to go I'm also reminded of things I meant to do during nursing school and never did. And it's too late to start now. Things like,

1. Exercise regularly.
2. Make flash cards.
3. Take stress breaks.
4. Network with nursing organizations so maybe some mucky-muck would remember by name and face and possibly hire me.

I found a stack of flash cards I started the first week of the first semester of nursing school. I laugh now at the folly of thinking this would help.

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darylette said...

I love your blog. I am forty five (the oldest in a class of 80) and am a second semester BSN. While I was writing a med surg paper and studying for my med surg test which are both due Monday I was procastinating, and complaining to myself (no one else will listen). In frustration I googled "nursing school sucks" and hit on your blog. It made me laugh, cheered me up and made me realize I'm not the only middle aged person who has blown up like a baloon and submitted herself to such torture:)