Saturday, September 15, 2007

Why My License is Pending

Over the summer I took a course that would allow me to sit for the board exam to get my LVN license.

It was hell on a half shell, but worth it. I learned a lot. It gave me the chance to see how it feels to do actual nursing. By that I mean I had several patients at a time and did all their care. I learned to multi-task and prioritize. These are things we don't get to do in the ADN program. In the summer program I did all the care AND the procedures as well as giving meds. In the ADN clinicals the focus seems to be more about learning individual tasks and not as much learning how to deal with multiple things at once....or at least not yet.

Before I start meandering onto other points and musings about this experience, I want to talk about why I bring this up.

The last day of class as we were eating our graduation cake, someone put her name and phone number on the board for us to copy down in case we are not able to get our authority to test, or ATT. For some reason I had a dumb-ass attack and didn't write the number down. Now some 6 weeks later my classmates have all gotten their ATTs and I have not gotten mine. The simple solution would be to call the person who wrote her name and number on the board. Naw, that would be too much like being responsible. I have a real jones for cake and I think I got sidetracked. That's the best excuse I can come up with.

This week has been a nightmare trying to figure out who that person is and how to contact her. I've left several messages for the secretary, er, administrative assistant for the nursing program asking her to call me back with this person's name and phone number. She hasn't called. I had to deal with this person when I signed up for the summer program and, to put it mildly, she has the social skills of a doorknob. I don't expect to get anywhere with her.

I resorted to calling a few names in the staff directory and seeing what happens. Finally someone called me Friday evening. She said she had a pretty good idea who I was supposed to talk to and would send her an e-mail for me. That was a relief.

This has been bugging me to the point of distraction. I have been losing stuff; important stuff. I lost an assignment last week. This week I went to lab on the wrong day. Today at work a co-worker asked me to take care of something for her while she want to lunch and I totally spaced about it and didn't do it. I'm not usually like this. I'm pretty good at handling details and multi-tasking. I'm fairly responsible with the occasional lapse in judgment, but overall I can be trusted to handle important things.

I just want to get this over with so I can get on with life. I want to get the LVN perspective out of my head so I can continue on with the RN perspective. It's harrowing to try and juggle them both. Ever since I got the call back last night I have felt slightly less moody than before so that's a positive. I was able to settle down and look over some math stuff that I have to know before I take the our first test for the semester. Still, I plan to drive over to the college on Monday and find some actual people to talk to, but not the doorknob if I can help it. Hopefully I'll see a familiar face and we'll find a solution to my problem.

Meanwhile I made a promise to myself that if I have something important to take care, I'll make sure I'm not within 10 feet of a cake.

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