Thursday, September 20, 2007


ADN - associate degree nursing; usually a two-year program that meets the requirements for taking the RN licensing exam.
ACLS - Advanced cardiac life support. Providing rescue care beyond basic CPR that includes starting IVs, giving medication and using a cardioverter to shock the patient. Certification is good for 2 years. The class has to be repeated to become certified again.
ATT - authority to test; awarded to a student who has graduated from an accredited vocational nursing program. This allows the student to work as a graduate nurse while waiting to take (or pass) a licensing board examination
BSN - bachelor of science in nursing, usually a four-year program that meets the requirements for taking the RN licensing exam.
dialysis - artificial removal of waste products from the blood when the kidneys fail.
fistula - an abnormal connection or passageway between organs or vessels that normally do not connect. An AV fistula is a vein and artery sewn together which makes blood flow faster through the vein making it thicker. Dialysis is then given through this passageway.
Foley catheter - a thin sterile tube inserted through the urether and into the bladder that is left in place to drain urine from the body and collects the urine in a bag. Different from a straight catheter which is inserted into the bladder to drain and then immediately removed.
HESI - Health Education Systems Inc; a test given by nursing schools to evaluate a student's strengths and weaknesses, and to assess their preparedness to take the NCLEX, or a way of keeping a student from graduating and thereby inflating the schools' graduates' NCLEX pass rate; depending on how you look at it.
LVN - licensed vocational nurse; often known as an LPN or licensed practical nurse; a graduate of a diploma or certificate program of 9 months to a year that meets the requirements for taking the LPN/LVN licensing exam.
MSN - master of science in nursing; an advanced degree of usually two years beyond a bachelor's degree; one whom must be addressed as "master" at all times -NAH! Just kidding.
NCLEX - National Council Licensure Examination, formerly known as the state board examination. The exam a graduate nurse must take, and pass, before being issued a license to practice nursing.
OB - Obstetrics; dealing pregnant mothers and unborn babies.
RN - registered nurse; one who has holds a license to practice nursing

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